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    Hosting in Switzerland. Secure & Instant payments with PayPal, Bitcoin and other crytpo. 20Gbit private port connected. Supermicro Xeon Servers. 8GB Free InfinityBackup.Cloud account!

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    VPS Hosting Cloud

    InfinityHost is a specialist when it comes down to Virtualization and Cloud Hosting. SSD, 20Gbit and Intel Xeon processors for top performance. Everything easy manageable through our control panel. Above all our platform is designed with fail-over protection to ensure you experience 0 interruptions, ever!

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    Web Hosting

    Linux Web Hosting with Virtualmin control panel, SSD Disks, 180+ free scripts, free SSL and 99.9% Uptime!

    Support for Ruby, GCI, Perl & Python. 24/7 ticket support


Secure & Reliabe

All our servers are located in Switzerland. A country where your privacy is protected by strict laws and regulations. Switzerland is in the middle of EU and has one of the best internet hubs in Europe. ISO 9001 + 27001 certified.


Super Fast

Thanks to our 20Gbit private port, latest Intel Xeon proccessors and SSD you can count on nothing but outstanding performance. We never over-sell our servers capacity so your server will be quick, even during peak hours.


Customer Support

We are ready to answer your questions with our 24/7 ticket support at your service. We provide support in English, Dutch and German.


Some of our great services highlighted


Instant Setup

After you have made a successful payment your service will be activated within minutes. No time wasted, you can start configuring directly!


Easy Backups, Constantly Online

Backups are made through our client area in just a few clicks. Your server fully configured to your needs? Create a snapshot in 1 second. Find yourself with a broken configuration later down the road? No problems, just revert to the snapshot and your working config is restored!


GIT/SVN Support

Great for Web Developers. Each webhosting plan includes GIT & SVN command line tools on our servers.


280+ Install Scripts

Install popular scripts like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento in 5 minutes without any technical knowledge or hours of reading. Starting a webshop, blog or forum has never been easier!


VirtualMin & ProxMox

Each webhosting plan runs with Virtualmin. For VPS we use ProxMox clusters. Both systems are open-source and well respected. Most important, we trust open-source and it's security above closed-source software. All our VPS services have fail-over protection so that your server will never be interrupted whatever the case.


Latest Versions

Our scripts, software and firewalls are continuously being updated. This keeps all your scripts compatible and malicious network attacks will not have a chance.


What to expect?

Nice to know

Data and server hosting are rapidly replacing the Swiss banking sector as a safe haven for those looking for privacy and stability.

  • Pay with Bitcoin and other crypto
  • No Contracts!
  • Servers in Switzerland
  • Free SSL
  • Strict Privacy
  • Also possible to pay via PayPal and credit cards

Our Hosting Services

Quick, secure and powerful


Virtual Private Servers

Fast and reliable servers, setup for best performance and stability. Based on KVM and Proxmox clusters. Managing your server is easy through our customer system: Reboot, Reinstall, Backups and a lot more can be done in just a few clicks.


Web hosting & E-Mail

Whether you have a small blog or a huge webshop, we got you covered with our state-of-the-art hosting environment!


Secure Cloud Disk

your data safe and secure in our cloud storage. Protected by strict privacy laws and AES-256/Towfish duo layer encryption. Soon you can choose from one of our amazing solutions!

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Dedicated hardware resources, no shared ram or cpu!



Great performance for everyone!

  • CPU2 Intel Xeon
  • Diskspace150 GB Disk
  • DATA4 TB Datatraffic
  • IP1 Dedicated IP
  • RESOURCESDedicated resources
  • BACKUP1 backup + 1 Snapshot
  • SUPPORT24/7 Support
  • DISTROMonitoring + Fail-over
  • DISTRODebian, CentOS or Ubuntu
  • POWER500Mbit

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More space

  • CPU4 Intel Xeon
  • Diskspace275 GB Disk
  • DATA10 TB Datatraffic
  • IP1 Dedicated IP
  • RESOURCESDedicated resources
  • BACKUP1 Backup + 2 Snapshots
  • SUPPORT24/7 Support
  • DISTROMonitoring + Fail-over
  • DISTRODebian, CentOS or Ubuntu
  • POWER1Gbit

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Raw power!

  • RAM24 GB RAM
  • CPU6 Intel Xeon
  • Diskspace1000 GB Disk
  • DATA30 TB Datatraffic
  • IP2 Dedicated IP's
  • RESOURCESDedicated resources
  • BACKUP1 backup + 4 Snapshots
  • SUPPORT24/7 Support
  • DISTROMonitoring + Fail-over
  • DISTRODebian, CentOS or Ubuntu
  • POWER1Gbit

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Web Hosting

Shared price, dedicated speed!


  • Multi Domains 2
  • Disk 10 GB
  • Datatraffic 100 GB
  • MySQL Databases 2
  • Sub-domains 2
  • Email Accounts 10
  • Free SSL Yes
  • PHP5 & 7 Yes
  • Control panel Yes
  • APP Installer Yes
  • 24/7 Support Yes

€40 /year


  • Multi Domains 3
  • Disk 50 GB
  • Datatraffic 250 GB
  • MySQL Databases 10
  • Sub-domains 10
  • Email Accounts 25
  • Free SSL Yes
  • PHP5 & 7 Yes
  • Control panel Yes
  • APP Installer Yes
  • 24/7 Support Yes

€7 /month


  • Multi Domains 10
  • Disk 100 GB
  • Datatraffic 500 GB
  • MySQL Databases 20
  • Sub-domains 20
  • Email Accounts 40
  • Free SSL Yes
  • PHP5 & 7 Yes
  • Control panel Yes
  • APP Installer Yes
  • 24/7 Support Yes

€15 /month

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All prices exclude VAT if applicable. Persons in the EU are required to pay VAT - % differs per country. Persons/Businesses outside EU are exempted from VAT.

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