Generate SSH Keys

The first step to configure SSH key authentication on your server is to generate an SSH key pair on your local Windows computer. Once your generated the SSH key pair you can input them while ordering our VPS plans.

For this toturial you will need to download Putty on your windows machine - a tool used to login to SSH and additionally generate SSH key pairs with PuttyGen. PuttyGen is included in the installer package by default. Download now

Generating a new key pair for authentication


To create a new key pair, select the type of key to generate from the bottom of the screen. RSA > 2058 bits. However, we would advice 4096 bits for future proof protection.

Then click Generate, and start moving the mouse within the Window. Putty uses mouse movements to collect randomness. The exact way you are going to move your mouse cannot be predicted by an external attacker. You may need to move the mouse for some time, depending on the size of your key. As you move it, the green progress bar should advance.

Once the progress bar becomes full, the actual key generation computation takes place. This may take from several seconds to several minutes. When complete, the public key should appear in the Window. You can now specify a password for the key.

You should save both the private and public key by clicking Save private key and Save public key.  You will need to input the Public Key while ordering any of our VPS plans. Set keypassphrase (password) is required for using our VPS services. So please set one. Keep in mind, you must copy and paste the Key from the "Public key for pasting into OpenSSH...." field into the OpenSSH field during ordering.

You can now go ahead and input the Public Key in the order field. We will inject it into your VPS when provisioning your service. To automatically login to your VPS you will need to add your Private Key in Putty.exe. Read this in our next tutorial to learn how-to-do this.

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